Dear Friends,

This year’s catalog features over 50 species, with a few different choices from last year! Our seedling crop is growing very well and we have more than 3 million seedlings available.

Our online catalog continues to be very successful. Communicating electronically allows us to save postage and provide you with order confirmations, planting instructions, shipping notices and receipts quickly and efficiently.

We will continue to sell hardwood seedlings in units of 25 per species so you may mix and match to suit your needs. Hardwoods can be ordered in units of 25, 50, 75, 100+ etc per species. Conifers can still be ordered in any multiple of 50 per species. Their smaller size and uniformity makes them much easier to handle and package.

Whether you are a new customer or have been buying seedlings from us for many years we truly appreciate and thank you for your business. We strive to provide you with high quality seedlings and excellent customer service at competitive prices.


Richard Garrett
Nursery Manager

Maryland Department of Natural Resources
John S. Ayton State Tree Nursery
3424 Gallagher Road
Preston, MD 2165

P.S. If you are not sure which species are right for your needs, please call your local forestry office. They can answer questions about site conditions, species selection and financial incentives you may qualify for.

P.P.S. We may not be able to ship to all states. Some states in the South and West have plant quarantines and/or specific rules about shipping live trees.

We continue to provide UPS seedling delivery to your door, although we have had to increase our minimum delivery charge to keep up with ever increasing shipping rates. Seedlings are bulky and require a large box. Shipping charges now reflect the amount of room the box takes up on the truck as well as what the box weighs.

You may still pick up seedlings at the nursery for free. With the current uncertainty of how long Corona virus will be with us, we will provide curbside pickup with a bare minimum of interaction to safely load your order in your vehicle.